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A library of training materials (videos, CD-ROMs, books) is available for your use. This collection is tailored to businesses, individuals with disabilities, and service providers. If you would like to lend materials from the library, please complete a request form (select "Request Library Material" from the drop-down list). We do request a two-week turn around time so others may benefit from these materials.

The resources marked with ** are also available for viewing at the following locations:

Frederick County Business & Employment Center
5340A Spectrum Drive
Frederick, MD 21703

C. Burr Artz Central Library
110 East Patrick Street
Frederick, MD, 21701

The following is a list and brief description of videos, CD-ROMs, and books in the library.

101 Sessions: Hosted by The Frederick Works Project (2002 - 2003) in which community service agencies gave an overview of their agency’s services.

  • Adult Ed 101

  • A Day of Awareness

  • Department of Aging 101 / TransIT 101

  • Department of Social Services 101

  • Division of Rehabilitative Services 101

  • Frederick Community Action Agency 101

  • Frederick County and City Housing 101

  • Frederick County JTA 101

  • Goodwill 101

  • Maryland Job Service 101

  • Opening Minds, A New Perspective (The Access Group, Inc.)

  • Seizure Disorders: The Facts

  • Social Security Administration: "Understanding the Disability Process"

  • SSI/SSDI Mastering Work Incentives

  • Wellness Day at the BEC

VIDEOS (All videos are captioned.)

**Business and Employment Center Tour for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Job Seekers:
A signed video tour of the BEC developed especially for Deaf or hard of hearing job seekers.

**Changing Perspectives Video: Assists interviewer in developing an approach for interviewing that is sensitive to potential employees with disabilities. Features job interview scenarios by people with various physical disabilities.

**Coaching Winners: Viewers learn how job coaches assess skills, develop community-based job sites, match potential employees to jobs, and supervise workers in training until they're ready to make it on their own.

**Frederick County Business and Employment Center One Stop Shop: An overview of the services available at the Frederick County Business and Employment Center.

Getting to Keep the Job You Find: This DVD helps workers learn how to keep their job and get ahead. It teaches how to stay on track toward job success, what things to avoid, how to examine the future of a career and what to do to prepare, what questions to ask an employer and when to ask them.

**Interviewing Skills for Job Candidates with Learning or Other Hidden Disabilities*: Job interview scenarios by young adults with learning disabilities. How to address issues and answer questions related to their own hidden disability. Self study booklet included.

**Interviewing Skills for Job Seekers with Physical Disabilities*: Job seekers receive tips on: disclosure, dealing with improper disability etiquette, illegal/inappropriate questions, answering unasked questions about your ability to do the job, putting the interviewer at ease.

**It’s Working: Points out advantages of supported employment, job coaches, and money saving opportunities. Includes interviews with employers who have become advocates of the supported employment process.

Keeping House: This video illustrates many housekeeping activities step-by-step within an entertaining story about Mary and her friends who want to have a party.

Lasting Leadership: This video features television star Chris Burke, on how to facilitate learning experiences and build lasting leadership in self-advocacy for people with disabilities.

**Resumes and Applications for People with Disabilities: Details these two very important aspects in the job search process. Topics include using the resume/application to most effectively sell yourself and disclosure of your disability. Also examines how the ADA provides protection against discrimination.

**Road to Travel Independence*: Learn to utilize the public transportation to your advantage plus important facts to consider like time schedules, money, bus tokens, and transportation etiquette. Also available in ASL.

**Secret of Success: Prevents "burn out" by teaching the skills that every employment specialist should know. The video focuses on five specific skills that will assist employees on achieving their goals.

**Seizure First Aid: An Epilepsy Foundation Family Video Library presentation. Combines footage of real seizures with re-enactments to demonstrate safe first aid procedures.

**Supervising and Employee with a Disability*: Supervisors and employees with disabilities share their knowledge and experiences in orientation, training and ongoing supervision.

Supporting Self-Determination: Strategies for Direct Support Staff: This video has vignettes that depicts staff facing challenges, Do & Don’t scenarios and using strategies to encourage self-determination. Discussion topics cover behavior, appearance and goals.

**Ten Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities*: Humorous vignettes delivering disability awareness message. Advice on how individuals and organizations can effectively interact with persons with disabilities.

**A Video Guide to (Dis)Ability Awareness*: Segments include: etiquette and behavior; be comfortable and confident in activities with persons with disabilities; identify and remove unintentional barriers in your organization.

* Training guides and/or accompanying materials available


Adobe® Reader® necessary to view some training documents. Download Adobe® Reader®.

Designing Positive Behavior Support Plans:
A timeless reference for school-based teams, community service providers, and parents supporting children with disabilities engaging in difficult behaviors.

Employment and Individuals with Disabilities: A Guide for Business: A comprehensive guide for business that covers that following topics: Six step process for integrating people with disabilities into the workplace, Communicating with and about people with disabilities, Getting Started, American with Disabilities Act, Accommodation Resources, Veterans, Tax Incentives, and Additional Resources.

Employment and Individuals with Disabilities: A Guide for Vocational Staff: A comprehensive guide for staff working with people with disabilities that includes the following topics: Communicating with and about people with disabilities, Understanding the American with Disabilities Act, Comprehensive Resource Guide that provides a summary of local resources and support groups, Entitlement Summaries, Virtual Accessibility; Internet Resources, and Maryland Relay and Text Telephone (TTY) calls.

Enhancing the Lives of Adults with Disabilities: An Orientation Manual: This manual can be used as an introductory training for new staff. It is approachable, concise and covers practical material, from natural supports to citizen advocacy. Highly flexible, it can be self-paced or used as part of a curriculum or as a resource guide.

Enhancing the Lives of Adults with Disabilities: Trainer’s Guide: The trainer’s guide provides the resources trainers must have. It includes the condensed full text of the Orientation Manual, all the answers to each post-test and sidebars on every page that contain notes for the trainer.

Putting Creativity to Work:
Explores careers in the arts for people with disabilities. It offers a wealth of possibilities to explore.

**Ramping Up For Profits: Increase your competitive advantages, create a positive impact on your markets and capitalize on opportunities that are right in front of you - just by recognizing what disability awareness can do for you.

**Six Steps to Employment For People With Disabilities: Chapters include goal setting, assessing strengths, resumes, job search, interviewing and follow-ups. Includes sample resumes, forms and letters.

Treatment of Psychiatric and Behavioral Problems in Mental Retardation: A Special Issue: A special issue of the top journal in special education — the American Journal of Mental Retardation — this publication contains the Expert Consensus Guideline Series from surveys of leading experts on the treatment of psychiatric and behavioral problems of persons with mental retardation.


**Disability Awareness Training: Provides a uniform disability awareness program, accessible to all individuals within an organization. Includes video clips, simulations, tips, facts and quizzes.

**Social Skills At Work: Features workers in real jobs while they explore essential topics related to work. Basic social skills for on-the-job success are reinforced: dressing, punctuality, teamwork and being ready to work.